Teenage Mentorship Program

Teenhood is the transitional period of physical and psychological development, between childhood and responsible adulthood.


In every individual’s life, the teenage period of their lives is a prime time developmental phase.
This is when the foundational blocks of their lifetime is usually laid.

At least, 87% of the quality & successful people we have in this world, got some kind of mentorship in their teenage years.
Mostly from people outside their nuclear family.

Without Strategic Mentorship, our young people would most likely grow into irresponsible adults.

This is why I have taken it upon myself to put myself forward, to mentor any teenager who desperately seek mentorship and professional guidance.

My Teenage Mentorship Program is a 3-month online mentorship/entrepreneurship internship program for teenagers. Where these youngsters would be properly groomed for a solid future.

So far, I have dedicated 14 years of my life, to mastering the Art of Mentoring Young People. Hence, not many people can deliver at my level of competency.

Below is the 3-month Curriculum;

Brain/Memory Mastery.
• Mind Management.
• Lifetime Academic Excellence Model.
• Understanding Teenagehood.
• Personal Discovery Model.
• Emotional Intelligence Mastery.
• Taming The Beasts of Depression.
• Public Speaking & Effective Communication.
• Journey To Personal Independence.
• Introduction To Entrepreneurship.
• Monthly Teenager’s Virtual Hangout.
• Camp Experience.

The only requirements are;

  1. A Smartphone.
  2. Access to the Internet.

You can subscribe from anywhere in the country, continent, or the world.

After the 3-month mentorship program, the teenager automatically becomes a member of the TMP (Teenage Mentorship Program) Alumni. Where he or she would keep having me as his or her Mentor and Coach, when it comes to continuously navigating the troubled waters of life.

This comes at no additional cost.

For further enquiries, send an email to seunambassador.ng@gmail.com, or Call/WhatsApp +2348087505544.

Mentorship Fee: #90,000 ($270).

Pay To; 0230484640.
Oluwaseun Ambassador.

After you’ve made payment,
chat me up on WhatsApp, showing me your proof of payment;

To Your Teenager’s Success!

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