At 35, I’m Still Hustling!

What’s my definition of a Hustler?
Someone who earns between one million naira (#1,000,000) and nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine naira (#9,999,999), per annum.

A poor person earns between zero naira (#0) and nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine naira (#999,999), per annum.

A rich person earns between ten million naira (#10,000,000) and three hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety naira (#399,999,999), per annum.

A wealthy person earns between four hundred million naira (#400,000,000) and nine hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine naira (#999,999,999), per annum.

And an ultra-wealthy person (or a billionaire) earns from a billion naira (#1,000,000,000) and above, per annum.

The reason I’m still a Hustler at 35, is because I didn’t maximize my defining decade (between the ages of 21 and 30).

I didn’t have access to those who actually had true wealth Infrastructures in place in their lives.

The only people I had access to, were folks who claimed to be rich, but were actually poor. Or at best, were lower grade hustlers.

But back then, I didn’t know any better!

The yardstick for determining who was rich or poor, was if they had (or didn’t have) a car, or were living in a nice looking house (or not). Or could (or couldn’t) afford to buy designer fashion wears, shoes and jewelries, etc. Or could (or couldn’t) give people a few change (money), each time they were asked or begged for it.

We were not exposed enough to understand the true fundamental wheelwork for generating sustainable wealth. All we knew, was all we knew.
And we were limited by what we knew!

It was not until I clocked 31/32, that it began to dawn on me that those people who had always given off the appearance of themselves being rich folks, were actually not rich. In actual reality, they were poor!
Or at best, Hustlers (and only a very tiny fragment of them were Hustlers, even. The vast majority were poor!).

Time reveals all things!
And reality never lies.

It was in the process of time, that I was eventually able to come to the true knowledge and undestanding of their true economic reality.

But I’m grateful for the COURAGE to have taken the decision to move on, despite the fact that I had invested the first 32 years of my life, looking up to poor people and hustlers.

From age 33 till date, I have found solace and fuel in an adage I rephrased: “Better late, than LATER!”

Evidently, I had dreams too big for both poor people and hustlers to accommodate within the dynamics of their economic infrastructure. The first 32 years of my life, was a long enough time to prove this!

Now, I only look up to rich, wealthy and ultrawealthy people. Not even to my co-hustlers.

And why should I even look up to hustlers?
Are we not on the same economic level?

Currently, any time I look up through the lens of the grand economic infrastructure, all I see are rich, wealthy and ultrawealthy people (or families and nations). I can’t see poor and hustling folks when I look up. And I would only see hustlers, when I look sideways. And see poor people, when I look down.

This might sound too harsh or too proud, to naive and gullible minds. But it’s just plain and naked Economic Truth!

The only thing I do with hustlers nowadays, is collaborate with them, in a win-win way. And the goal of my collaborating with fellow hustlers, is to help get each other cross over to the next economic level.

Nothing more!

And the moment I cross over to the next economic level, my new collaborators would now be rich people. No longer would it be hustlers. Except for former hustlers who have now crossed over like myself.

There-on, I would only look up to wealthy and ultrawealthy people!

Whatever economic level you currently function in, there’s always the next level to be attained!

And if you currently are functioning at the very bottom of the pyramid, then you know that you can’t afford to be pampering yourself!
You must be ruthless to the psychology that condones such a low economic status.

You must rejig your psychology, in order to be able to step out of poverty.

And if it seems you can’t do it by yourself, then simply employ the services of a professional!

Do have a transformational week!

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