Everybody has something they’re good at. And the 21st century has made it so easy for anyone to monetize their good qualities, or giftings, or talents, or skills.

You only need to find out exactly how this monetization dynamics works.

And it’s not enough that you have Social Media accounts, where you post stuff every time. You must plug into an already established monetization system, or you create yours from the scratch.

But it might take a long time to get the latter up and running, most especially if you don’t really understand the technicalities for setting up such a system. And you would only know how to setup such a system, if you’ve worked with one, or have been affiliated with one.

I have often said that there are only 2 kinds of Internet users!
Those who make regular/recurring income through their internet activities/offerings, and those who don’t!

If you belong to the latter, then I can promise you something!
You’re going to end up in FRUSTRATION!
Or maybe even worse, DEPRESSION!

Because you spend money on data.
Plus, you give off your hard earned Time and Intellectual Property. All for something that doesn’t really generate a return-flow of monetization?
Do you think that this kind of unfair equation is sustainable?

This is why you find people with seemingly great gifts on Social Media, eventually fall by the way side. You just discover that you no longer see their posts.
They most likely have woken up to a financial mess, that’s messy enough to overwhelm them, and absolutely discourage them from continuing to do that which they love doing on Social Media!

If you’re good at what you do, then realize that we’re in an Age of “Nobody gives a shit!”
You, and only you (or with the help of an expert or coach), must be the one to proactively figure out how to monetize your giftings. Otherwise, people would only keep saying things like “You’re very good at what you do. Please keep it up”, “May God bless you for blessing us with your gifts”, etc .. You already know the other things they say.

It’s time you wake up from your slumber!
Because even Mark Zuckerberg and others, are not going to suddenly reward you for being a consistent user of their Social Media Platforms. Except for Social Media platforms that were specifically designed for such. An example is YouTube!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and some others, were not designed to reward you for use. Just like mainstream media.

Quit depositing and overdepositing your hard earned resources into something that doesn’t have a guaranteed commensurate ROI. Hoping that one day, a miracle might happen. Like waking up to an alert from Mark Zuckerberg, congratulating you of your consistent use of his platform. Naaaaaaa …… It ain’t happening!

It’s never too late to learn how to monetize your contributions to the cyberspace.


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