Nothing happens for a reason!

Nothing happens for a reason!


You are the architect of your destiny.

Nothing happens for a reason.

All that has ever happened (or will ever happen), happened as a result of our choices or other people’s choices.

No in-betweens.

Only ignorant, lazy (mentally and physically), naive, gullible and religious bigots, attributes earthly activities (or even the activities within the rest of the observable universe) to favor and grace.

Relevance is what most right thinking people are fighting for. Because they know that it is the oxygen of survival in this world.

Yet, even #RELEVANCY cannot be plucked from the outside of yourself, nor can anyone on earth or in heaven, make you relevant. The seed ≈ therefore, the root of RELEVANCY, is only planted on the inside of YOU. Mostly by you!

We’re at the end of an artificially-induced Global Economic Cycle. And a new Economic Cycle is kicking off. I hope you’re sensitive enough to realize this, and thereby position yourself as a major player in this new economic cycle that’s now upon us?

If not, you still have some time.

• Read a good book or have a brainstorming session with your Soul or Mentor (or with a friend who challenges you).
• Boost your immune system.
• Meditate.
• Restructure your business brand, to align with the new economy.
• Acquire a Digital Skill.
• Take a course (you might want to attend my Content Marketing Class).

Whatever you do, just know that nothing happens for a reason.

☮ of✌!

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