China Has Won The War!


But Africa is Burning Down!

Great Britain went into the so-called World War II as the World Power. But The U.S.A came out of the war, as the next world power.

Fast forward to 73 years later (In July 2018), World War III kicked off between China and The US. The US came into this war as the world power. But in 2020 (75 years after World War II), China is emerging from the WAR, as the NEXT & latest World Power!

They’ve beaten the US!

Wars have never been about nothing else, but Economic Power Usurping & Dominance.

Question: Where’s Africa in all these?🤷
Answer: Still being Redundant and STUPID!

A lot of the Presidents of this Redundant African Countries have even stooped even lower than they’ve been all along, by receiving at least, $1 billion dollars each, to buy into the Corona rubbish!

A big SHAME on these African Leaders, who cannot even pretend to protect the African Legacy. Just like Madiba pretended to do.

They only thing they are masters at, is Protecting their POCKETS!

We don’t have true representatives of the people within these various African governments. WE DON’T!
And sadly, it appears we never WILL!

We only have unthinking, unintelligent, greedy, self-centered, never seeing beyond their noses, Fake #Promisers ≈ who are #Tyrants to their own people, but dutiful slaves to #Europe, #America, & #Asia.

There’s really nothing Universally Inspiring about #Africa, right now. NOTHING!
Because Africa has been burnt down by its IGNORANT LEADERS!

The only hope of Africa right now, are the #diehard Entrepreneurs & Dreamers, who despite the obvious reality of gloom and doom for Africa, they still believe in the possibility of a PHOENIX rising out of this ashes.

Without them, Africa has completely LOST it!


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Seun Ambassador