Facebook May Have Their Story, I Have Mine Too.

Facebook May Have Their Story, I Have Mine Too.


There are endless possibilities of making the transitioning you desire.

Build A FINANCIAL LEGACY For Yourself! {I wrote and published this piece, 2 years ago}

For most part of my life, I had been very financially foolish!
I spent money recklessly. Made very terrible financial decisions.
Didn’t care much about tomorrow.

For decades of my existence in this life, I didn’t think it was important to Save money, neither did I see a need to give attention to INVESTMENT!

Of course, my childhood didn’t help to orientate me correctly about money. My adoptive father, who was mostly my role model as a child, was a reckless spender. So by default, I became a reckless spender too, when I began to make the money of my own. This started when I was on campus.

The truth is, I made a lot of money as an undergraduate student. I made hundreds of thousands of naira in just 2 year on campus. I definitely would have become a millionaire long before now (because I had a lot of passion for business), if I had continued in that procession. But something happened! I’ll tell you in a bit. Let’s continue…….


There was a time in my 100 level days, when I went to meet my adoptive uncle (he was sponsoring my tertiary education at the time). I told him that I had calculated all the tuition and the monthly allowances (it was 5k at the time) he was going to give me in 5 years (since I was studying a 5 year course). And I requested that he paid me all in advance, because I wanted to start a transportation business. I was prepared to go buy a fairly used “danfo bus” in Lagos. I was going to hirer a competent driver who will be delivering daily or weekly returns. Or so I thought. This was 2007.

That day, I heard the story of both my life and those of my ancestors. I won’t tell you the details today. Maybe I would do that sometime in the future.


Now what happened?
Why didn’t I continue in business?
Here it is……. I became very committed in my school fellowship. My Pastor had taken notice of me as a utility person. Plus, I was a major giver in fellowship. And I was always around in church for services and other special meetings. I had fallen in love with God. So, my Pastor began to get interested in me and started drawing me closer to himself. I eventually became many things to him….. His driver, errand boy, moved into his house and became one of his butlers (this one is a long story), etc…

All these time (about 6 years plus), I had given all my business money, plus all the other monies I got from my siblings, or from some other family members and friends, either on the altar or in series of ongoing church projects. And then I wasn’t allowed to do business any more. I was directly and indirectly told that I couldn’t be doing business while I was living in Pastor’s house. Since living in Pastor’s house meant that you were a pastor in training.

Prior to my move to my Pastor’s house, I was running a mobile boutique, mobile phone and laptop make-shift business, and I was heavily involved in car dealership (story for another day).

You see, with a little mentorship, I would have continued on this all important business path.

All these died a miserable death when I moved into my Pastor’s house. I went from being someone who always had money, to someone who was perpetually broke. Always had to call people for money. Cultivated a terrible culture of a beggarly lifestyle, for the 4 years plus I lived in my Pastor’s house. And even after I left his house in December 2012, for the next 4 years plus, I realized that no matter what honest efforts I made at doing something for myself, it was the beggarly mindset narrative that I had cultivated while living there, that always had the upper hand. Hence, that terrible mindset was undermining my every business move.

Was my Pastor a bad person….?
Maybe Not!
He’s one of the most amazing and forward looking persons I’ve ever met!


Why I’m I telling you this?

If you noticed, I told you about my adoptive father’s role from my childhood. Then his elder brother’s role. And then finally, my Pastor’s role while I was on campus.

The reason I’m sharing this story is because, these 3 personalities occupied a very sensitive positions in my life, at different formative phases of my life. The phases where I needed a mentor in them but it just wasn’t forthcoming.

But at least, my adoptive father still tried though, to the best of his knowledge and ability at the time. I must say so. He made several efforts over the years. Only that the quality of his mentorship was limited to what he knew. Not what he didn’t know. And he sure couldn’t mentor me about money. Because as far as that area of life was concerned, let’s just say that he just couldn’t be my MONEY mentor.


But the next person who probably would have been great enough to mentor me about money was his elder brother. But he wouldn’t have anything to do with me! Let alone become my mentor.

I know that some of you might be thinking …….. “How dare you say he wouldn’t have anything to do with you? Someone who was paying your school fees and giving you monthly allowances? How else would he have proven to you that he was interested in you?”, you might ask?”

This is not your story. It is mine. So, I know better. Don’t you think?

Now, I need you to process this ……. How can you explain me sending messages to my adoptive uncle for 6 years and each time he replied by asking a 3-word question. “Who is this?” I must have answered that question a hundred times. Meaning, he wasn’t going to dignify me by giving me a space on his phone contact list. He wasn’t going to save my number and name on his phone. That’s not to talk about so many other ugly scenarios that played out, while I was still going to him for money

Don’t get me wrong!
He is a man giving to generosity. He is a very generous man. Probably the most generous man I knew in my childhood days. And of course I had personal issues too. Which were more of an offshoot from my childhood days; which I obviously needed someone to help me overcome. But no one seemed interested enough to help me with these issues.


The first issue he had with me was masterminded by my adoptive mother (my biological elder sister. Born of the same parents).

Back then, when we were living in Sagamu, Ogun state. He was living in Akure, Ondo state. But visited Sagamu every second weekend of the month. Chiefly to see his aged parents (who were residing in Sagamu too, but not living with us. They had their own house) and to also attend his club meeting which usually took place every 2nd Sunday of each month.

Each time he came around, my adoptive mum would sit down with him, and start reporting me to him. Recounting all the atrocities I had committed in the last one month (back in those days, I always wondered what the purpose of her telling him all the bad stuff I had done, and never for once telling him anything good about me, was for? Even as I write this story, I still don’t have an answer). Month in month out, year in year out, there was always a bad news tale to be told about me to him. So, you can see why he got to dislike me, right? Justified dislike, right?

Then in the process of going to him over the years, once my school fees were due, I would figure out how to add an extra amount to the fees, just so I could get some extra change in my pocket. But he always had his way of finding out. All these reinforced his dislike (if not hatred) for me.

Then finally, while I was in 300 level. As a student of Mining Engineering, we were slated to go for a 2 weeks field trip. We were given a budget letter from my department in school. That we might be able to get our parents or sponsors informed. So, I took mine to the business center to doctor the figures. After which, I went to submit the doctored budget letter to him.

He never trusted me to be truthful with matters like this anyways. So he sent someone to my department to go find out the true amount. And discovered that I had doctored the figures. I think that was when he finally made up his mind that I couldn’t ever change! And the funniest thing is that, this was when I was giving everybody the impression that I was now very committed to God, even though I was. But it seemed I was also committed to some other bad habits. No doubt I needed help!
This was 2009!

As for my Pastor, all he taught me was about tithing and offerings and other givings. And of course, the word of God, which I felt was very important at the time! But he discouraged me in every way, from doing business. And as far as I’m concerned, the major reason was because I was useful to him. He needed me to be around, all the time, to run errands for him.


After a long while of getting into and being in the dungeon of debt, I looked at my life and knew that I needed help. And since it was obvious that I wasn’t going to get it from anyone within my immediate circle, I figured that I must find other ways of getting the help I needed. This was the major reason why I left my Pastor’s house. But shortly before I left, I started investing in books (something I used to do before I moved into his house, anyways. But somehow stopped doing for close to 4 years while living in his house. Because there was always so much to do that even my academics suffered for it. But I didn’t give a damn about it at the time. Simply because I was naturally a genius. I always managed to pass my courses, even though I missed classes a lot!).

After I left his house, I went all out for the information that will set me free from the bondage I had subjected myself to, these past six years. You needed to have seen the way I bought and read books. You will think that I was preparing for some Harvard exam. I read like crazy!

I bought books on capacity development, leadership, money, consulting, starting up a company, etc…. I thought I could make the correction in one or two years. But it wasn’t so at all!

I have been at it for about 6 years now and I can tell you that I have found so much liberation and succinct enlightenment about leadership, capacity empowerment, businessing, consulting, coaching, mentoring, and now MONEY! Though it has taken some time to make the correction, but the correction has so been made to a very impressive degree.

To tell you the truth, I am very impressed with myself right now!
And I can only get better!

Even though I’ve been very naive about and around the subject of money for way too long. But I’m glad that I’ve now found help!


Friends, if you have issues around money and it seems you are unable to find a way out of it, chances are, it is connected to a series of event that took place in your past. And until you figure out how to release yourself from their hold, they would perpetually rule over you! And you will remain slaves to them!

If you’re to get the help you need, then there’s one thing you must not do! You must not be sentimental!

Just like this post is about me not being sentimental!


If this post was helpful to you in any way, it might just be useful to someone else. Hence, share this message with other people in your life.

If you have any question, there’s a comment section below 👇
Just ASK your question!
And I’d do my best to answer it.

But if you need further help in breaking away from the financial history that has held you spell-bound in one position for so long, and want to know how to start building your FINANCIAL LEGACY, then reach out to me. I can help you!

It’s not free though. I charge a standard fee.


Building a personal FINANCIAL LEGACY is nonnegotiable if you’re gonna be able to wield any real influence in this life. So, start building NOW!
That’s if you haven’t already started.

Information is the key!

Master the game!

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