Mass Poverty and Illiteracy; More Endemic than Corona Virus.

Mass Poverty and Illiteracy; More Endemic than Corona Virus.


Identifying the boundaries of poverty.

It’s a fact that the majority of the world’s populace are poor. And you may be one of the world’s poor.
I may also be one.

It is possible to be born into a poor family, live all through your life in poverty, and finally leave this world, with POVERTY as your most profound legacy.

No one shifts from being poor to being rich, on the basis of God’s Grace. There’s no such thing. If a poor man would ever become permanently rich, then it would only happen because he has permanently committed himself to giving it all that it requires, based on his ability to align with such Universal principles as “Vision, Work, Purpose, Duty, Strategic Planning, Scheduling, Enterprise, Execution, etc ..”

I have seen and experienced poverty. And I know that even in my current reality, there are still things I need to learn and implement in my life, in order for me to further move from the angle of poverty and struggle, to the angle of riches and ease of living.

No poor man would ever become rich through prayer or wishful thinking. If a man would ever escape poverty, then he must first realize that he is poor. Without seeing it as something to be ashamed of. Because poverty is only a person’s current state of being, not an incurable plague.

It’s a fact that most poor people die poor.
This is why we can conveniently say that the majority of the poor people on earth would die poor. Sad truth! The only poor people who won’t, are those who make up their minds to permanently divorce themselves from poverty.

And how would they do this?

By first acknowledging to themselves that they’re currently poor. And promising themselves to do whatever it takes to permanently get out of that prison.

Your decision to outgrow poverty would first be seen in your new decision to invest in changing your mindset, through the acquisition of the knowledge that would help you neutralize the past cumulative effects of poverty in your life.

This is how you invariably tackle illiteracy. Because people are illiterates, not because they didn’t go to school. But because they have refused to educate their minds. And Illiteracy is the foundation of all poverty.
It is through education (not necessarily schooling) that you get to give your mind the permission and the wings to fly out of poverty, for life!

So, the journey out of poverty, begins with attending to your mindset. Once you can change your mindset, then you can change the material reality of your life.

Psychology calls it metaprogramming. ≈ Go look it up!

Next is WORK!

Every man was made to work.
WORK is the central yardstick for measuring a man’s responsibility status, per time.

Yet, most poor people work.

Now, having decided to vacate poverty, you must now critically look at the work you do.

The work that most poor people have chosen to do, is most likely the reason they are poor in the first place.

As a poor man, what work have you been doing?
It’s time to look at it critically!

If you need someone to help you transition from Poverty to Wealth, then you should not hesitate to reach out to me.

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It is my hope that my blog help to positively awaken your consciousness about the things that you can take advantage of, for adding cosmic value to your Life.

Let me know if I was able to achieve that with this post.

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    • Absolutely.
      Anybody can become rich, if they install the infrastructures in place.

      I really appreciate your feedback.
      Thanks so much.

  • Wow!

    This is a must read.

    It was really worth the time spent..

    The power of the mind can’t overemphasized..

    Thank you for this post

    • I truly appreciate your feedback.
      I do not take it lightly at all.
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  • Well I see what u r talking about. In America the school system was made to provide workers (not business owners or entrepreneurs). I dont think no one should work all their life and die. It is best if u do try to educate(not neccesarily schooling) yourself in all areas. B n the mindset of wanting to know better, b better and do better.

    • Absolutely!
      All blacks in America needs to take homeschooling and personal education very seriously.
      I strongly believe that this is the way to go.

  • You are always at it.

    And also, we should understand that education goes beyond opening our mind to possibilities but also, knowing the difference between WORK and JOB.

    The first step of eradicating poverty is by understanding the importance of WORK which is self initiated when one understands and can see the available resources around him while JOB is waiting for a second party to validate you to leverage on their supplied resources to engage yourself into WORK and at this point, you might be delayed or denied of it.

    JOB is a very difficult situation in eradicating poverty.

    Finally, Ralph Tyler, the well-known US educator once said that you can tell you’re being educated if your options are increasing and that the reverse is happening if they are decreasing.

    Education is the key to alleviating poverty and this can be achieved when we understand the correlation between WORK and MONEY.

    Nice post SEUN!

    • True!
      I’m glad you agree.
      Education, as we have it in most part of Africa, needs to be redefined and overhauled. That’s the only way we would be equipped to solve our problems.

      I appreciate you stopping by.

  • This piece is apt and covers it. A lot of people thing great thoughts, work so hard and yet have self sabotaging thoughts. It was recently I got to the strong realisation that you could think you are thinking positive thoughts without knowing that your minds program is designed fully for failure

    • You’re so correct.

      In the end, our subconscious programming would always outperform the intentions of our conscious mind.
      We just need to understand this. And act accordingly.

  • You’re very correct. No amount of prayers, prophecies or whatever can transmit one from poverty. Not even God. Those that are rich worked or offer value in exchange for money not by praying and hoping miracles happen one day.

    I’ll be regular visitor of this group to learn more from your wealth of knowledge.

    • Oh!
      Love your honest remark.
      And thanks for the compliment.
      Would love to have you as my frequent visitor.

      Do have a restful night.

  • Nice article. Bedrock of poverty is illiteracy, not necessarily schooling. Constantly adding value. Raising ones standard daily, surely the road to success is an endless one, no one ever arrived.

    • Well said.
      There’s a need for a paradigm shift.
      Our children must inherit real legacies.

      Thanks for dropping by.
      Do call again.

    • You’re welcome Nimi.
      Good to have you visit my blog.

      You may also suggest what subjects you’d like me to treat.

      Thanks dear.

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