Investigate The Internet!

Investigate The Internet!

Back in the day, when we needed to find out about an information no one was mandated to give to us, or had the luxury of time of giving to us, we had to visit the library (or the bookstore).

And on getting to the library, we would have to expend hours of time, surfing through the pages of different books, just so we could lay our hands on that tiny piece of information we may be looking for.

But today, things have so CHANGED!
Within a fraction of time, you can access high value information at your finger tips. All owing to the fact that the concept of digital algorithm have been so developed!

Through the wheelwork of the internet, we can truly say that anything is achievable!

Still, too many people are yet Internet-Illiterate. The vast majority of the users of the internet today, now think that Social Media is synonymous to “the internet”. When there’s so much that the internet represent, that all the Social Media Networks combined, can’t even be said to represent 0.001% of what the entirety of the internet stands for.

But it’s really not their fault!
It’s because the pioneers and creators of these Social Media Apps, deploy powerful strategies for making these apps appear as larger than Life to their users and potential users.

Hence, they spend most of their waking hours on these apps, never realizing that there yet exists other more powerful ways of using the internet in their favor.

The Cyber Space is still not understood by most of its visitors, even though the majority of these folks (including myself) may think that they understand the internet, simply because they’ve been using the Facebook app since 2007.

Only a very small number of people, the world over, have been able to radically explore some intricate quarters of the internet.
And this is why the vast majority of internet users are actually Internet Puppets. They live daily to give so much power, to a handful of people.

“Investigate The Internet” is my own way of telling the users of the internet, the world over, to go beyond their superficial use of the internet, and make attempts to play in the big leagues.

I sure realized this very late!
But it’s better late than much later, or worse; better late than never!

Your realization of the yet uncharted territories of the internet, will wow you, once you come to its full awareness.

Challenge yourself to stray off the box of Social Media for a few days, and you’d realize that there’s a lot of room waiting to be claimed within the cyber sphere.

You are your own fortune teller!
The earlier you realize this, the WEALTHIER for you.

It is my hope that my blog help to positively awaken your consciousness about the things that you can take advantage of, for adding cosmic value to your Life.

Let me know if I was able to achieve that with this post.

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