Social Listening.

Social Listening is a skill you must master, if you’d ever get the chance to become a 21st century “Master Sales Person”.

The reason too many people are not selling, is because they’re not listening!
Plain and simple!

You’re not selling like a pro, simply because you have not seem to understand that listening is the pathway to sales.

I’ve often told people that “Marketing is not Sales”. And have also advised a lot of people to quit using the term “Sales and Marketing”, because there’s no such thing. Instead, they should begin to deploy psychologically empowering phrases like “Marketing and Buying”. Because “Marketing plus Buying” is equal to “Sales”. You won’t get any other sales equation other than this;

“Marketing + Buying = Sales”.

In today’s world, millions of people have been to school. Mostly because they want to have a better chance of succeeding in life. But school is an Industrial Age Model for preparing people to achieve success in life. Which is not much of a relevant success model in today’s world. Mostly because the Industrial Age has now gone under. It’s become obsolete!
Chiefly because we’re now in the Information Age.

The Information Age is the Age of Disruptors. To succeed in this age, all your need to become, is a Master Sales Person. This is something no school is adequate enough to help you become. Because Master Sales Persons are not made in schools. They are made & forged on the streets and walkways of life!
Not in schools.

Social Listening is one sub-skill every aspiring “Master Sales Person” must master. Otherwise, they’d never really become Master Sales Persons.

If you wanna become a Sales Guru, then all you gotta do is look for avenues and platforms where you can be positioned as a listener. Being intentional and proactive about this, would see you opening doors that Human STRENGTH could never open.

Contrary to popular assumptions, where people think that the secret to selling is more talking. Where you try to convince your prospect into saying yes to you!
Again, that’s also an Industrial Age concept. In the information Age, it’s less talking and more LISTENING!

So, Listen MORE!

If you need further clarifications, kindly drop a comment below this blog, and I’d respond to you ASAP!

Best wishes in your enterprise.

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