Children & Nations.

Be Creative!

Albert Einstein once said: “Creativity is Intelligence having fun.”

This means that the data-bundle for creativity is Intelligence.
It is the compact Intelligence you possess, that’d determine how wide the circumference of your creativity would go. Simply because Intelligence is the central core of creativity.

In every aspect of our lives, creativity is always required. Without it, we live a very boring and unprogressive life. Without it, problems would not be solved, and solutions would never be birth.

It is by creativity that exponentially intelligent children are raised.

It is by creativity that extraordinary Nations are built.

Creativity is one of the cardinal equipment for crafting Powerful Societies.

But sadly, it is one element that’s in a very short supply in ours.
Yet, if we must grow as a nation, creativity must be given a very high priority.

This means that our Family Institutions must be reeducated. And our school curriculum must be reengineered.

Otherwise, we may talk all we want, nothing will change.

I strongly believe that if creativity can be appropriately infused into every fibre of our society, then the new nation we have always envisaged, can come to fruition.

It may appear to be a difficult task to accomplish. But it’s a challenge for both individual and national transformation and advancement. Hence, it’s a highly recommended endeavor.

We need more individuals and organizations in our country to get interested and involved in projects that’d help citizens to inculcate this all-important superpower in themselves.

What are you doing about it?
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