Business Strategists!

“Business Strategists (or real Entrepreneurs) don’t sleep!

They only go to think!”

They nap because they are enlightened enough to know that their bodies and minds require it. And if they refuse to provide their bodies and minds with this need, they know that it’s only a matter of time before these faculties eventually shut down!

Hence, they give what is Caesar’s to Caesar. If you know what I mean. But still, not in an over justifying way.

If they cherish sleep, it’s because it provides them the golden opportunity of refueling their depleted human faculty energies. Because every single day, they make heavy demands on these faculty energies; hence, by nightfall, these energies are already depleted!
It’s the reason they even give any consideration to sleep.

When they sleep, it is to calm and arrange their Soul for the following day’s work.

They are not the type of people who sleep for the sake of sleeping. They don’t sleep simply because it’s nature’s call either. They’ve outgrown that. Because they are no longer the babies the universe gave birth to, when their mothers gave birth to them. They are now grown men and women of real substance (both materially and immaterially).

When they sleep, it’s not for the conventional reason, but for unconventional reasons!

Sleep is a part of their work routine. Hence, they never have a problem waking up from their sleep, around 3:30am.
Just so they can pen down a blessed Strategy that the universe just delivered to them in their sleep, even though they only just went to bed barely 2 hours ago.

They are seekers and searchers. Diligent researchers of what will become the Midas Touch of the individual businesses they are consulting with and for.

Their number 1 Business is helping the world figure out uncommon ways to prosperity. This is their Sovereign Task!
And they know that there are not too many of their kind, out there in the world!
They know it! Just like they know their names .. .. Hence, they take this job very seriously!

They fully understand what it means to be a Business Strategist.

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