Buy the Future.

According to statistic, 65% of children entering primary school today will work in roles that do not currently exist.

This invariably means that the knowledge that me and the children of my generation were taught in Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary schools, were definitely 10,000% obsolete. But virtually most of our parents didn’t have the foresight to get us to decide powerfully.

Well, I only got to realize this in my undergraduate days.
Hence, I cut down my academic seriousness by 98%. And began to give attention to what I considered to be era-relevant skills like;

• Research.
• Writing.
• Social Media Intelligence.
• Content Creation.
• Elementary Coding.
• Website Design.
• Voice Development & Mastery.
• Personal Health Education.
• Mentorship, Coaching & Consulting.
• Trading.
• Business Ownership.
• Entrepreneurship.

And now, I’m taking my era-relevant game to the next level.
I have now taken interest in;

• Artificial intelligence ≈ which includes “Data Science & Machine Learning.” &
• Childcare Education Technology.

Even though I wrote my last undergraduate exam in the university (which was 8 years ago), till date, I still haven’t collected my certificate. And I don’t plan to do so anytime in future.

The era-relevant tools you acquire today, is how you buy the future!

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