Lagos ban Cyclists.

US may close their borders on us or place a ban on Nigeria.

But when they need me (just like myriads of other high-value Nigerians), they’d either send the Airforce 1 or some custom-made jet to pick me (us) up!

That’s the only way I’m prepared to enter the US.

So, I don’t have time to debate on whether their decision is fair on us, or not.

But right now, my only grudge is the placed ban on #Okada and #keke riders, by the Lagos State Government.

What’s their plan exactly?

Yesterday, I over-heard some Okada guys lamenting.

How do they plan to offer an alternative channel of income to these tens of thousands of men, who are most likely to be the breadwinners of their families?

Is this the best intellectual decision Lagos state government could have made?
And did they even consider the economy of the common man in this decision?

What about investors’ fund into hailing ride companies?

Until those who get elected into political offices realize that they were elected on the backs of these so-called common people, they might never be able to show these people, the empathy they truly deserve and have earned.

I hope that the Lagos State Government is actually trying to solve the problem of the maddening traffic jam in Lagos. And not trying to create fresh ways of amassing more wealth for themselves and their cabals!


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