Knowledge, Tools & Problem Solving.

Knowledge, Tools & Problem Solving.

There’s no problem in this world, that can be solved with knowledge.

First, you acquire #Knowledge = #RelevantKnowledge.
Then, you go on to acquire the skill for using the very #knowledge you’ve now acquired, to create what is generally known as #tools.

It is only with #tools that problems can be solved!
Not with knowledge, or even with #information.

There’s no problem in this world, that can be solved with knowledge. Problems can be solved only with tools.

Now, the scale at which you can solve a #Problem would always be determined by the extent to which you’ve mastered the use of the relevant tools for solving it.

Problem Solving is a Master Skill that every proponents of #futurism must endeavor to master at scale, today!
Otherwise, they won’t earn #keyplayer roles as Problem Solvers, in the coming years and decades.

Now, how exactly would anyone go about taking Problem Solving very seriously, in 2020 and beyond?

How does a person go from being part of the problem, to becoming a Problem Solver?

Two words ……. Artificial Intelligence.

In order to master problem solving, I always tell people that there’s a systematic approach by which you’re guaranteed of Solving all Problems.

Which is to first realize that;

Knowledge is 1-dimensional.
Tools are 2-dimensional.
Problem Solving is 3-dimensional and above.

Artificial Intelligence, simply put, is “Advanced Mathematics having fun.” Artificial intelligence is the most viable universal approach to #ProblemSolving.

It’s the most organized method available anywhere within the observable universe, for better solving any problem.

With Artificial Intelligence, you can run a Problem diagnosis, and come up with a Problem Statement. And still go ahead to use Artificial Intelligence to solve the problem.

My only regret right now, is that it took me this long, to realize it.

Artificial Intelligence is a contemporary approach to Problem Solving. It is not an Intelligence that’s artificial or unnatural or synthetic. Rather, it’s a most ingenious way of going about organizing all the Universal Spectra of Intelligences & Data, for attempting to solve all Problems (both Human and non-Human alike).

Henceforth, my unrelenting attitude towards problem solving would mostly be expressed through the lens of Artificial Intelligence. And the only way I’d change my mind in the future, is if something better and more effective than #AI is discovered.

And honestly speaking, I don’t see that happening. Because I see #AI itself, getting better and better, owing to the quality of Intelligent Thinkers getting on board. And so long as #AI stays at the top hierarchy of our Universal Problem Solving artillery, then it’d keep being relevant!

I think I was very naive and ignorant, to haven’t taken AI as seriously as it demanded, long before now. But that would no longer be the case!

I’m confident that if we can take AI very seriously in Africa, it’d open new doors for solving our numerous problems.

What do you think?

Love to have your thoughts on this all-important subject.

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  • I don’t want AI in Africa. You will find the wisdom in indigenous people. The developed countries where there is less attention given to nature is where AI is required, where there is no economic intermediary. We rely on African coffee, not even I can grow it in the natural environment here. Don’t develop with engineering, develop sewing and watering by hand.

  • Very very great.
    I think I like to be on board and know more about this AI stuff.
    Since I see clearly it can help me in my entrepreneurial journey

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