Lassa Fever, Coronavirus, & Artificial Intelligence.

Lassa Fever, Coronavirus, & Artificial Intelligence.

So much have been said in recent times, about Artificial Intelligence. Yet, Artificial Intelligence isn’t as new as most millennials think it is. Infact, it dates back to several decades ago. Only that back then, it was tagged “Top-secret!”

But those who were privy to the contextual data it entailed, early enough, ahead of the vast majority of the populace, are some of today’s billionaires.

Artificial Intelligence is more than just a trending topic to be discussed across the length and breadth of the internet space, today. Rather, we must all realize that it’s a super powerful approach to Problem Solving. If only we’d dare to master it well enough.

For us in Nigeria, and particularly in Ondo State, we are once again being faced with the endemic threat of Lassa Fever. And so far, the Government (Both Federal & State) and the health institutions have been quite sluggish to offer in-demand curative responses to the victims of this endemial situation. Nor have they taken top-notch proactive steps to prevent the spread of the virus to other citizens, and against future reoccurrence.

Here are some notable Facts about the outbreak of Lassa Fever in Ondo State;

• Earlier in January 2020, the Lassa Fever broke out in some parts of Ondo State, and 84 persons were infected, with 16 people losing their lives to the endemial outbreak.

• But that number soon goes up.
With 112 affected cases recorded so far, with 20 dead, in total, as of this writing.

• Ondo state has the highest number of cases, of the 9 to 11 affected states in Nigeria.

• With proper observance of personal hygiene, we can defeat the virus faster. And ensure that we stay ahead of the endemic virus.

• The treatment of a patient is costing the state government 1.6 million naira. A total amount of 179.2 million naira would be required for the treatment of all those affected. All thanks to some International Donor Agencies, who are making the money available.

• This free treatment also covers medication, feeding, and some other needs of the patients.

• A total of 115 cases were recorded in 2019, with 21 casualties. And approximately the same amount of money as above, was spent on treatment and curtailing the virus.

And for the whole world, starting from Wuhan, China, the seemingly mysterious Coronavirus is fast becoming a pandemic legacy for the whole world to inherit and deal with.

Here are some notable facts about this pandemic Coronavirus;

• The first case was observed in early December and, according to the WHO last Sunday, a total of 2,014 cases of infection have been reported globally.

Of those:

• 1,985 were reported from Greater China, and 29 from outside China.

• Of those 29, 26 cases were of people who traveled to Wuhan. Two of the remaining three had close contact with people who caught the disease in Wuhan (there isn’t enough information on the third case).

• 324 cases resulted in a person being severely ill (per WHO definition), just over 15%.

• 56 deaths have been reported, around 2.5% to 3% (compared to an ultimate fatality rate of just under 10% for SARS). These have principally been in older patients or those with pre-existing health problems.

• The latest figures reported by Chinese state media as of this writing are 2,844 cases and 81 deaths.

So far, multiple casualties have been recorded to have fallen by the hands of these 2 deadly viruses.

Yet, Artificial Intelligence could have been the fastest approach to cutting the heads of these Cobras.

A few days ago, in the light of these double tragedies that hit the world at the same time, I made a public commitment to taking Artificial Intelligence more seriously. And I think that we all need to do so, in some way.

Because they are saying that they don’t know the cause of the Coronavirus (there’s no effect without a cause). Yet, the first-world countries pride themselves to be stalwarts in technological & research advancements. How come they don’t know the cause? Even with all their so-called technological advancements?

And personally, I think the outbreak of these viruses (especially the Coronavirus) is more Political than mysterious.

If these so-called viruses couldn’t be curtailed in a matter of days, and thereby drastically eliminate the number of potential casualties, then something is really fishy.

What do you think?

Do you know anyone who have been lost through any of these viruses?

I’d like to have a brief of it. It my help my readers stay alive.. Looking forward to your comments.

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  • there’s a political/selfish motive behind the outbreak of the Corona virus and every outbreak we see on the global scene

    most of these infections are engineered in the lab to attain certain causal effect

  • Like you rightly posited in your write up — there’s a political/selfish motive behind the outbreak of the Corona virus and every other outbreak we see on the global scene

    most of these infections are engineered in the lab to attain certain causal effect

    As such we can’t rely on the major stakeholders all the way. Apparently we’ll have to work on from our own end

    • We can’t!
      It’s dangerous to be solely reliant on external data sources only.
      It doesn’t guarantee balance of power, at the very least.

      We need a lot of African Individuals picking up the challenge of both economic and military defense.

      Thanks for dropping by.
      And do visit my site more often. Because I’m set to use this platform to kickstart very critical discussions.

      Do have a most productive week..

Seun Ambassador