Automatic Action Takers!

Automatic Action Takers!

“Do what you see me do, not what you hear me say.”

At the very least, if you want to copy or imitate any man, then let it be a man of action!
And not just a talking machine.

The world wasn’t engineered to be run by talkers, but by doers.

The world doesn’t need more public speakers.
What we need are more public doers. More automatic action takers.

My definition of an AUTOMATIC ACTION TAKER, is someone who is ever taking strategic and precise actions towards achieving SUCCESS! Someone who now has an actual success pedigree. Not just a talker, who has not implemented a greater proportion of the things he talks about.

And personally, I won’t listen to you, unless you have been able to positively, practically, and physically empower between 100 and a thousand people to achieve personal success.

Hence, if you haven’t physically impacted at least 100 people, within the duration of your lifespan, then you’re yet to become an Automatic Action Taker. Meaning, you’re not qualified to have anything to say to us.

You should only talk about the actions you’ve taken!
Not the ones you’re yet to take…

Otherwise, such talks would only help to program Human Liabilities. Just like the hundreds and thousands of motivational speakers have done to humanity.

Now, I know that the thought going on in your mind right now is “How do I become a person of action, and where should I start from? How do I become an automatic action taker?

Well, I think that the first and most important place to start is through the family system. Parenting is the most sensitive bond that binds societies together. Without the installation of Powerful Parenting, we would never have real Powerful Societies.

I believe that the first symbolism of Automatic Action Takers should be molded through Parenting. And with this successfully set in place, every other vital aspects of society, would naturally follow suit!

Hence, we can begin to see the cultivation of more humanity, and less autocracy.

Having said that,
The simplest way to go about becoming an AUTOMATIC ACTION TAKER, is by first examining your personal history, so far.

Ask yourself these questions;

  1. What have I really achieved in my life? List them, if they are more than 1.
  2. How much personal history do I have with Success?
  3. And how many people have I helped to achieve success, on a one-on-one basis?

Until you can answer these 3 questions satisfactorily, you’re not fit to teach others.


What do you think?

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I dedicate this blog post to a LEGEND whose life was cut short by an unfortunate incident.

#RestInPower Kobe & Gianna Bryant

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