Operation Àmòtékùn!

Operation Àmòtékùn!

I have always been fascinated by INTELLIGENCE!

Hence, for close to 16 years now, I have been trying to master all the different intelligences available to humankind, from anywhere in the world.

It’s why today, I understand the multiple spectra of INTELLIGENCES.
And have been deploying a number of them, for the transformation of my life, and those of others.

But Security/Military Intelligence was not a branch of intelligence I took seriously until a few years ago, when the security condition in Nigeria, became so pathetic.

I began to think of what could be done to improve our security infrastructure!
I even thought of traveling to Israel for a few weeks, just to try to glean into some superior security innovations.

Well, now that Àmòtékùn is here, I’m ready to work with them to install a functional security infrastructure, within our region.

I’m ready to work with other interested stakeholders, who have the same security vision. I would even offer voluntary services, just because I’m interested in finally seeing a functional security outfit in Nigeria.

They say it’s illegal!

It’s like saying to a rich man that getting a security man to guard his house, is illegal…

We would monitor this one!
We would ensure that this one works!

#Àmòtékùn is here to stay!

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