The 4 Pillars!

The 4 Cornerstone For Nation Building.

Education | Agriculture | Healthcare | and The Local Government.

These are the cornerstone of any economy with thrivable and prosperity attributes.

Failure to give them the top priority, would definitely guarantee a failing economy.

There is no other way whereby a nation’s economy would exude global relevance, outside of this square.

Can we all genuinely give this a thought?Because, today’s post is simply a call to giving this a thought.

Complaining about the state of the nation, is never a proactive way of going about building a nation.

We must think differently.

Always, I ask myself what my role in Nation Building is. Which always help to put me on my toes.
I like to find out if I can actually measure the proportion of my contribution to Nation Building, at par with the overall percentage of every other contributory Nation Builder?

What would the percentage be?
Is it going to be up to 1%, or 0.1%, or 0.01%? What exactly would it be?

So long as we can have the mechanisms for effectively measuring our adequate individual contributions to Nation Building in place, then we definitely would be able to hold many citizens accountable for every of their actions. And also be able to challenge many of them to take up the responsibility of contributing their personal ingenious quota to Nation Building.

It’s the 9th day of this great decade!

Dare to device a strategic way of using your available resources in the most productive way, henceforth. Do not continue to maintain the status quo. Because you’re way bigger than your status quo.

Plan | Hustle | Execute!

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