Seven is a number of completeness.
Or at least, that’s what we’ve been told. And to me, completeness is not a function of hope alone, or faith alone, or miracles alone, or illusions. To me, completeness is all about attaining mastery of the holistic concept of humanity!


You’re not complete because you’re an engineer, or a medical doctor, or a trader, or a banker, or a business tycoon, or an entrepreneur, or married, or a clergy, or a coach, or a professor, or a politician.

You’re complete only to the degree of the discovery of your humanity (and the humanity of others) that you attain per time.

Too many people live in this world, who never enjoy completeness, simply because they have refused to explore the dynamism of humanity.

So, in the spirit of 7 (completeness), I call you all to kickoff the exploration of your humanity from today (or soon), if you haven’t done so already. And I promise you that only pleasant surprises await you!

Happy 7th!

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Seun Ambassador