First Monday: 2020!

Before 2020,
Here are the things I had already mastered to a good degree;

• All kinds of Writing.
• Content Creation.
• Coaching.
• Consulting.
• Mentorship.
• Counseling.
• Public Speaking.
• Business Management & Promotion.
• Entrepreneurship.
• Servicing Small Businesses.
• Collaboration.
• Marketing & Selling.
• Branding.

In 2020 and beyond,
Here are the things I plan to master;

• Taking my Personal Brand to the next level.
• Servicing Personal, Medium & Big Brands.
• Designing Top Notch, & Unique Strategy Solutions Models for MSMEs & Big Brands.
• Bidding For State government, Federal government, Billionaire funded, and internationally funded projects.
• Turning many into Millionaires.
• Coming up with Alternative Education Solutions for the African Child.
• Starting my Foundation.

In 2020, I’m going to be a more conscious Man of Strategy (MOS), than I ever was, anytime before now.

I want to eliminate every form of personal weaknesses, and zero in on all my strengths.

This year, I have decided to take on multiple Coaching and Mentorship Projects.

And the top 3 are;

• My Monthly Entrepreneurial Coaching Program (Kicks-off today).
• My Yearly Teenage Mentorship Program (Starting 1st of February, 2020).
• And what I call “Soul Exploration Program.” A 9-month Program (Starting 1st of April, 2020).

Through these programs, I plan on equipping about 1,500 teenagers and medium-age folks, with the toolset and skillsets for what I like to refer to as “Sustainable Empowerment.”

My goal is to be able to have them stand on their 2 feet, for the rest of their lives. And not be liabilities to others or to our collective ecosystem.

This is how I think I can be proactive about helping to solve our most difficult problem. The problem of Human Capital Development.

First Monday!

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